Curtis MacDonald – Home On The Horizon

12 03 2009

curtis-macdonald-home-on-the-horizon-frontCurtis MacDonald – Home On The Horizon
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 1:01:56 min | 2006 | 154 MB | 10% Recovery Record

With so much music available these days, from Country, Post-Punk, Monotonous Repetitive Dance to Chatty Rap, here is a CD that is un-obtrusive and a pleasure to the ears. Melody is all over this intuitive stroll through the mind of a composer who knows what one wants to hear when they just want to unwind. Some of these tunes extract “trance” elements via the form as some are more of a “pop” song formula. Overall the tunes are quite catchy and I find myself humming along. I like the use of the piano, the synth arrangements, and the mood each song represents. “Eloquence Remembered” just about floored me (My mental imagery may be different from yours), and “Till There Was You” created such a feeling of longing, again great use of melody. I would strongly recommend “Home On The Horizon” to all whom like instrumental New Age with a beat as well as you contemporary Jazz fans out there. I notice he has other CD’s out and after hearing his discography, he defiantly has a signature style. The type when you hear it, you know it’s Curtis Macdonald.

01 – Coronation
02 – Nightwatch
03 – Till There Was You
04 – Pacific Palisades
05 – Eloquence Remembered
06 – Home on the Horizon
07 – Always by Your Side
08 – My One True Love
09 – Heart of Gold
10 – Garden’s Whisper
11 – In the Heart of Light

Part 1 | Part 2

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