Curtis Macdonald – Shadow Crossing

12 03 2009

cover6Curtis Macdonald – Shadow Crossing
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 56:09 min | 2002 | 138 MB | 10% Recovery Record

From the bouncy opening title track to the wind-swept cruise down the “Highway”, Macdonald layers acoustic piano, keyboards “synth sound design” and programmed percussion into a canvas of sunny bright pastel and contemporary colorings, to the breezy, easy going “Kiss Goodbye” and the haunting “Coast Of Dreams”, Lucia Iman adds her angelic wordless vocals. “Malibu” also drifts along on a gentle breezes of piano melodies in thirds and quick-paced percussion. The pulsating oscillators racing between speakers create a fascinating back drop to a romantic “Promise” delivered by piano and lush strings. Guitars in duets, played by label-mate John Adorney spice up the Spanish flavored “Tierra Rejada”, while Macdonald’s piano is impassioned with “Desire”, driven by syncopated rhythms of techno drum programming. For pure upbeat, delightful and enjoyable contemporary instrumentals in melodic and pleasant harmonies, this debut on a label known for easily accessible music is one of the most listenable of the year.

01 – Shadow crossing
02 – Kiss goodbye
03 – Promise
04 – Silhouette
05 – Tierra Rejada
06 – Coast of Dreams
07 – Desire
08 – Precious
09 – Malibu
10 – Queen’s Necklace
11 – Highway

Part 1 | Part 2

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2 responses

13 03 2009

Fantastic website Bright!
Honestly, very well done!!

Long live Your Quietmusic.



13 03 2009

Thank you so much! It’s always great to hear that this website is appreciated, lol. Take care & I hope you enjoy not only what you find here, but also the memories and experiences you have with the music.

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