Ryan Farish – Selected Works

14 03 2009

folder3Ryan Farish – Selected Works
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 53:54 min | 2002 | 124 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Ryan’s distinctive piano leads most tracks here supported by flutes, world voices, children’s voices, guitars and a variety of appealing synthesiser layers. Blissful, dreamy melodies range from comforting, tender, soporific to euphoric, inspiring and upbeat – often reduced to the simplest, most sparing series of notes, pieces are uncluttered and graceful. There are tracks with beautiful chord progressions or tripping arpeggios, there are also pieces without a piano, carried instead by subtle synthetic voices. Drums are programmed into light, uplifting beats – most comfortably occupy the down to midtempo range, occasionally ascending up into the realm of a low-key dance beat. The mood is overridingly one of light and beauty – Ryan Farish creates some strikingly attractive themes that are inviting and easy on the ear. Moods established are largely peaceful, restful and optimistic. There are some compositions among the collection that are lush twilight atmospheres, lustrous, deep and dramatic where the introductions and interludes are allowed to explore the crepuscular, more moody side of Ryan’s musical personality. If you are familiar with Ryan’s albums from Neurodisc – the quality of these tracks will maintain the high standard that you’ve come to expect. If you know Ryan from back in mp3.com days – here’s a chance to get hold of some of those tracks that made him one of the site’s success stories.

1. Night Wind
2. As A Child
3. If Only
4. Angel
5. Dream In Essence
6. Oceans of Blue
7. Run To You
8. Ancient Dreams
9. Clearwater
10. Surrounded
11. Along the Way
12. Point of View

Part 1 | Part 2

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4 responses

3 04 2009

Didn’t have this one.

Thank you Uploading this one bright!

3 04 2009

You’re very welcome! You must be delving deep into the archives =-).

18 04 2009

My sincere thanks for all this, Mr. Quietmusic. It’s been a real pleasure to browse through your pages and find these gems, which I will surely enjoy and preserve for many years to come, thanks to your generosity. May God bless you and your precious family and fill you with all kinds of good things in life … and after that.

20 04 2009

Wow! That’s about all I can say to that incredible blessing!

Not sure if you know this or not, but it’s incredible people like you who make this world a much better place to live in. So often, life seems to take strange and odd turns. For me, the people like you who truly appreciate not only good music, but also good company that makes my whole day brighten up. I’m not really sure that I’m deserving of such a wonderful blessing, but if I am, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.

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