Nicholas Gunn – Afternoon in Sedona

15 03 2009

nicholas-gunn-afternoon-in-sedona-fNicholas Gunn – Afternoon in Sedona
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 50:14 min | 1993 | 118 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Here is a strong new entry with a flute ensemble sound and neo-primitive leanings. Afternoon in Sedona has been an initial hit on the radio, with its intriguing combination of flutes, percussion and synthesizers. Nicholas Gunn plays all the instruments, except for additional guitar heard on “Michelle’s Theme,” one of the many standout cuts heard. From the lively, tribal beat of the opening track to the relaxed melodies of the closing and title track, Gunn has presented an unusually delightful debut. Each listen reveals pleasing nuances and subtle inspiration, recalling Ciani, Lynch and other seasoned composers. Nicholas Gunn is an artist to be reckoned with, and Afternoon in Sedona is the perfect introduction.

1. Afternoon in Sedona (04:19)
2. The Traveler (02:58)
3. Sedona Rising (03:50)
4. Medicine Wheel (06:58)
5. Michelle’s Theme (03:20)
6. Eye of the Vortex (03:52)
7. Dance of the Eagle (04:00)
8. Moondance (02:57)
9. Voyage of the Butterfly (02:17)
10. Fading From Existence (05:52)
11. Endless Flight (02:45)
12. Qomolangma (03:16)
13. Swept Away (03:53)

Part 1 | Part 2

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