Nicholas Gunn – Breathe

15 03 2009

nicholas-gunn-breathe-frontNicholas Gunn – Breathe
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 40:58 min | 2004 | 95.4 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Flutist Nicholas Gunn is a longtime presence on the new age music scene, and this, his 11th album, won’t disappoint fans — and might even bring him some new admirers. There are touches of flamenco on a couple of the tracks, both the opening title cut and “La Morada en el Templo Antiguo.” But like the rest of the disc, they’re borne along on mellifluous, easy melodies that seem to glide. Some of the tunes, such as “En el Templo Antiguo” have a lovely delicacy, while “Embrace” is built on a marvelous sprung rhythm, with harmonized flutes elegant on top, leading into a yearning violin solo. Apart from some guitar and violin, everything is by Gunn himself, and he’s an undoubted talent.

1. Breathe (03:50)
2. Prelude (00:44)
3. Embrace (04:44)
4. Viaje Sagrado (03:51)
5. En el Templo Antiguo (02:38)
6. La Morada en el el Templo Antiguo (03:39)
7. The Yearning (03:21)
8. Deep Water Island (04:22)
9. Rosarita Sunset (04:19)
10. Apasionado Uno (04:02)
11. Bamboo (05:28)


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