Nicholas Gunn & Johannes Linstead – Encanto

15 03 2009

front3Nicholas Gunn & Johannes Linstead – Encanto
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 42:10 min | 2007 | 106 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Award-winning Latin Guitarist Johannes Linstead and multi-platinum selling Flautist Nicholas Gunn collaborate on this highly inspired album of original songs. Johannes masterful guitar work combined with Nicholas passionate flute create an atmosphere that is at once engaging, powerful, and sublime, and yet at times, hauntingly beautiful. Together they have accomplished a new found level of brilliance, an album that is sure to make its mark as a masterful accomplishment…

1. Torre De oro (3:13)
2. Costa De La Luz (4:29)
3. Magic City (4:30)
4. To The Sea (4:07)
5. Morning Star (5:45)
6. Santo Domingo (4:08)
7. Rhyme of the Ancient Forest (4:02)
8. Ocaso (4:07)
9. Encanto (3:47)
10. Island Song (3:48)

Download (Links removed by request)

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