Nicholas Gunn – The Music of the Grand Canyon

15 03 2009

600x6003Nicholas Gunn – The Music of the Grand Canyon
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 53:07 min | 1995 | 121 MB | 10% Recovery Record

An all-inspiring, electronic, yet natural and well refined expression of the grandeur of a natural monument through beautifully arranged and blended music and sounds. Listen, close your eyes, and this CD really does gives you the feelings of the Grand Canyon. Each song projects a powerful theme about the different parts of and the history of the Grand Canyon. The third song “Flight Over The North Rim” is an exciting musical portrayal of a scenic and up-lifting helicopter trip over the north Rim. The eighth song “Four Worlds” blends the music of different cultures as they met in history to discover and explore the awesome Grand Canyon. So much feeling, with strength and awe, woven together as never before – a true trip to the Grandness of the Grand Canyon.

1. Moonlight on Havasu Creek (06:23)
2. Entering Twin Falls (04:09)
3. Flight Over North Rim (04:25)
4. New World (04:27)
5. Twilight (05:06)
6. Phantom Ranch (04:02)
7. South Rim (04:43)
8. Four Worlds (04:06)
9. Lost Tribe (06:33)
10. Grand Canyon (05:08)
11. Canyon Nights (04:08)

Part 1 | Part 2

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