Nicholas Gunn – The Sacred Fire

15 03 2009

nicholas-gunn-the-sacred-fire-fNicholas Gunn – The Sacred Fire
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 1:02:41 min | 1994 | 145 MB | 10% Recovery Record

On keyboardist/flutist Nicholas Gunn’s debut album, you spend an Afternoon in Sedona exploring the spirit of the magnificent Southwestern desert landscape. The Sacred Fire captures his reverence for Mother Earth and the sounds that echo from ancient peoples who once tread upon it. On tracks like “Odessa,” lush orchestration punctuated by percussive tribal beats and stirring vocals burn with the intensity of primitive dance, while the romantic tender ballad “Midnight Hour” embraces the listener under the moonlit sky. This album in particular helped launch Gunn into the upper echelons of new age performers who blended their musical spirits with that of the land they love so much.

1. Earth Story (03:49)
2. Painted Desert (03:44)
3. Tale of Two Lovers (04:45)
4. Equinox (04:23)
5. Odessa (03:36)
6. I Still Remeber (04:57)
7. The Sacred Fire (04:08)
8. A Place in My Heart (03:41)
9. Baile Para La Luna (04:51)
10. She Walks in Beauty (04:17)
11. Ruby Forest (05:03)
12. Midnight Hour (02:54)
13. Waking Hour (04:31)
14. From Heaven to Earth (04:57)
15. Ritual (03:07)

Part 1 | Part 2

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