Steve Haun – Impressions of the Rocky Mountains

16 03 2009

stevehaun-impressionsoftherockySteve Haun – Impressions of the Rocky Mountains
MP3 @ 192 Kbps VBR | 1:17:00 min | 2003 | 127 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Unlike a lot of new age-oriented musicians who create a musical tribute to nature based on a glorious visit, composer/keyboardist Haun grew up near Boulder, CO, and knows his Rockies intimately. Not only does his awe for the sweeping landscape shine through with magnificently melodic piano and keyboard expressions that build into majestic orchestral passion statements, but he lends a more natural touch of authenticity by including actual nature sounds after each musical track. Between “Visions of Paradise” and “Gateway to Grandeur,” for instance, he inserts a soundscape with forest ambience and a distant canyon wind. He follows the gentle piano solo “Simple Abundance” with water sounds like a babbling brook and distant waterfall. It’s almost as if he’s giving the listener his own interpretation of the landscape, then letting the listener experience the scene as his ears first heard it. The average ear or stereo system might not detect it, but both series of sounds are processed using !Wave Dance Spatial Audio Technology, providing a true three-dimensional journey. So listen closely. A number of great string orchestra players help Haun achieve his visions, and fellow Coloradoan Nelson Rangell’s flute adds a feeling of flight to “Visions of Paradise” and “Gateway to Grandeur.” Bob Rebholz’ pennywhistle is used on one of the nature tracks to create a call-of-the-wild effect, and on the subsequent musical track “Peak to Peak” to dramatic effect.

01 – Impressions
02 – Nature Soundscape I
03 – Visions of Paradise
04 – Nature Soundscape II
05 – Gateway to Grandeur
06 – Nature Soundscape III
07 – A World In Harmony
08 – Nature Soundscape IV
09 – Simple Abundance
10 – Nature Soundscape V
11 – Enchanted Places
12 – Nature Soundscape VI
13 – An Answered Prayer
14 – Nature Soundscape VII
15 – Spring Promise
16 – Nature Soundscape VIII
17 – Peak to Peak
18 – Nature Soundscape IX
19 – Every Living Moment
20 – Nature Soundscape X
21 – A Voice from the Mountain
22 – Nature Soundscape XI
23 – Endless Horizon
24 – Nature Soundscape XII
25 – Gateway to Grandeur (reprise)

Part 1 | Part 2

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2 responses

19 03 2009

Thank you. Downloading

19 03 2009

Think you will really like this one. He really manages to capture the Rockies….at least in my mind’s eye, lol.

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