Ottmar Liebert & Luna Negra – Opium

17 03 2009

000af5c2Ottmar Liebert & Luna Negra – Opium
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 2:05:46 min | 1996 | 325 MB | 2 CD’s | 10% Recovery Record

“Ambitious” is a word that’s inevitably used by music critics to describe Ottmar Liebert’s Opium. Spread over two CDs, which also feature text and a variety of photographs, Opium clocks in at more than 125 minutes and affords the German-born guitarist (today a resident of Santa Fe, New Mexico) the broadest possible canvas to express his fascinating artistic vision, one that eludes a concise or simple explanation. Nominated for a Grammy (Best New Age Recording) in 1997, Opium comprises one CD subtitled “Wide-Eyed,” which features a fairly straightforward presentation of Liebert’s elegantly vibrant approach to flamenco-influenced acoustic guitar, and an even more intriguing second CD, “Dreaming.” On this disc, Liebert and members of his Luna Negra band have room to indulge in various sonic explorations, probing unfamiliar atmospheric terrain that only a few other globally minded guitar adventurers, such as Steve Tibbetts, have previously charted–only without the feedback Tibbetts often favors. The results are almost always mind-expanding and often quite lovely. The moments when he intertwines electric guitar into his work, such as “Butterfly and Juniper” from disc 1 and “Chi-Wahwah Beauty” on disc 2, are especially satisfying. Other flamenco albums will strike brighter sparks than Opium, but few will equal its sustained, magical glow.


Disc: 1
1. Nuevo Mexico
2. Alegria Arabe [Version]
3. Turkish Night
4. Ocean Blvd. /Miami
5. Santa Fe 2 Chama
6. Trémulo (De Mi Corazón)
7. Bed of Nails [Wide-Eyed Trance]
8. Montana Walking
9. Tangos de Tesuque
10. Snakeoilsurfer
11. Serenity on Ultracloud [Tribal Mix]
12. Butterfly + Juniper
13. Oudu (Technicolor Eyes Burn Thru)
14. Bulería de Rojo

Disc: 2
1. Serenity on Ultracloud [Mellow Mix]
2. Yasmeen
3. Ayer-El Últimon Dia de Palabra
4. Old Man on the Citadel
5. Anyong/Grandfather Smiling [Walkie Talkie Mix]
6. Te Siento
7. Freedom
8. Buleria de Las Golondrinas
9. Acequia Madre
10. Chama 2 Santa Fe
11. Chi-Wahwah Beauty
12. Drop of Water on a Dry Stone
13. Slow Burn/Pain + Pleasure
14. Bluedreamdrops
15. Ripple/Wind over Water
16. Blink of an I Contains Eternity
17. Anyong/Grandfather Singing [Gibson Mix]
18. Opium

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

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