Julee Cruise – Floating Into The Night

18 03 2009

jc_floatJulee Cruise – Floating Into The Night
MP3 @ 192 Kbps VBR| 48:18 min | 1990 | 59.8 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Most of the music on this CD was originally recorded for David Lynch’s made for cable TV special “Industrial Symphony No. 1”. Some of the songs were later used on “Twin Peaks”, where Julee Cruise ocassionally appeared as the Roadhouse Singer. Julee has a very ethereal voice, which is entirely appropriate for this album. The songs all have lyrics by David Lynch, with music by Angelo Badalamenti. The first thing you are likely to notice about the songs is that the words don’t rhyme. That’s pretty unusual, but somehow it works anyway. All the songs are love songs, by the way. The song “Falling” usually get the most attention, because it was later the theme song for “Twin Peaks”, but the best song here is easily “Rockin’ Back Inside My Heart”. Not coincidentally, it also the closest thing here to a traditional song, in that it actually has a repeated chorus. This is actually a beautiful album, in it’s own way. Oh, and it’s better than the “Twin Peaks” soundtrack.  Special thanks to Kunal for providing the link!

1 – Floating
2 – Falling
3 – I Remember
4 – Rockin Back Inside My Heart
5 – Mysteries Of Love
6 – Into The Night
7 – I Float Alone
8 – The Nightingale
9 – The Swan
10 – The World Spins


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4 responses

20 03 2009

Awesome album – AWESOME. Many thanks for posting.

20 03 2009

Thank you very much for taking the time to comment! Glad to hear you like the album =-).

20 03 2009

Awesomeness :-) I was kinda afraid that New Age fans MAY not like the pop nature of Julee Cruise, But im so glad that at least someone enjoyed some of the dreamy songs. Also a big thank you to QuietMusic to post the links so others can hear it. :-)

20 03 2009

I was amazed by this CD. One of the things that really brought me up short was the song “Falling”. I immediately recognized the tune from way back in the day – “Pure Moods”. Never realized that there was a vocal version available, lol. In either case, the fact that there has been this much of a positive reaction, is a very good indication that the people who frequent this site have very good taste =_).

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