Steve Haun – Inside The Sky

18 03 2009

600x6006Steve Haun – Inside The Sky
MP3 @ 192 Kbps VBR | 48:10 min | 1998 | 65.1 MB | 10% Recovery Record

His music is a combination of various contemporary soft instruments, including the piano, synthesizer, flute, clarinet, etc. I listen to Steve’s music to get my R&R; rest and relaxation; his music conjures up feeling of hope and resolution and peace. As a friend during his high school days, I recall this gifted person share his life experience through his music as a gift. This is a musical testament to the effects of being brought up in one of the most beautiful enclaves of natural beauty (Boulder, Colorado) and human society’s participation in it; his music is a reflection of that participation; a gifted artist shares his heart to the world.  (MusicMad – Hope this brings a smile to your face!)

01 – Victory
02 – Inside The Sky
03 – Separate Ways
04 – Can’t Look Back
05 – Beggining Again
06 – The Constant Search
07 – Second Chance
08 – Journey Through the Night
09 – A Change of Seasons
10 – Reflections
11 – In Another Time


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4 responses

18 03 2009

Great man, I like Steve Haun too. Still have some albums of him if you need ;)

19 03 2009

@Mr. Neveralone
Hi there! Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! If you have any more albums by Steve Haun, besides the ones I’ve posted, that would be wonderful! His music has really grown on me lately, lol.

19 03 2009

Thank You bright.

Hearing this for the first time And i like it

New Age + Concert

Genre of music

19 03 2009

Hi Dawnz!
Glad you like it. I was very curious as to how this would sound because of how badly MusicMad wanted it. And I have to say it’s definitely nice. =-)

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