Runestone – Mysteries

20 03 2009

folder11Runestone – Mysteries
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 47:19 min | 2000 | 123 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Mysteries is all about healing and visualization and is intended to be helpful to anybody who is trying to come to terms with a life-changing event or seeking closure to a situation.  The title of the fifth track Ancestral Paths, sums up the theme to which this album was written.  At an emotional level, we continue to live through the same life-changes as our ancestors before us: births, deaths, relationships, illness and unforeseen events (both good and bad).  There is comfort in knowing that the many different paths we, as individuals, take through life have all been trodden countless times before by humankind – and humankind survives.  We never walk these paths alone.

01 – The First Dream
02 – Winds Of Change
03 – Primal Seas
04 – Okari (Spirit Child)
05 – Ancestral Paths
06 – Where Spirits Meet
07 – The Power That Heals

Part 1 | Part 2

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