Brian Crain – Northern Sky

21 03 2009

front8Brian Crain – Northern Sky
MP3 @ 256 Kbps | 50:01 min | 2005 | 96.2 MB | 10% Recovery Record

I have found Brian Crain’s CDs to be a breath of fresh air. “Northern Sky” is Crain’s fifth album, and consists of piano accompanied by synth. All of the songs are fairly slow and the melodies are simple and straight-forward. If I had to compare Brian Crain’s music to anyone’s, it would be Wayne Gratz’s (one of my favorites). A few of his pieces also remind me of early-Yanni at his poignant best – “Northern Sky” fits this category with its heart-tugging melody and unfettered emotion. No new ground is broken, but I’m sure none was intended to be. This is sweet, relaxing, heartfelt music that is effective in the background, but can also stand alone as a primary focus. A favorite recording of massage therapists all over the country, it is easy to imagine sailing away to bliss listening to Crain’s music with or without a great massage!

1. Break In The Clouds (03:52)
2. Mirror Lake (03:46)
3. Northern Sky (05:57)
4. Lunar Eclipse (04:49)
5. Wild River (03:38)
6. Evergreen (03:59)
7. Flight Of The Eagle (04:08)
8. Feather In The Wind (04:16)
9. Perfect Rainbow (05:10)
10. Glacial Valley (06:22)
11. Thunder Cloud (04:05)


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2 responses

22 03 2009

I love his music, thank you so much!

23 03 2009

He’s about the top of the totem pole if you ask me. Wonderful to see him appreciated by others =_).

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