Brian Crain – Spring Symphonies

21 03 2009

front9Brian Crain – Spring Symphonies
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 49:22 min | 2005 | 122 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Brian’s Spring Symphonies remind us what we love most about orchestral music. If you are a current fan, you will love this natural evolution of Brian’s impassioned music. If you are not familiar with Brian Crain, you’re about to discover a true gem right here in the Inland Northwest, who is already internationally popular.

01. Symphony No. 1 – Andante Cantabile (06:17)
02. Symphony No. 1 – Andantino (04:00)
03. Symphony No. 1 – Adagio Con Amore (07:05)
04. Symphony No. 1 – Allegro Maestoso (04:59)
05. Piano Solo (04:18)
06. Symphony No. 2 – Andante Affettuso (05:12)
07. Symphony No. 2 – Adagio Appassionato (05:41)
08. Symphony No. 2 – Largo Maestoso (06:37)
09. Symphony No. 2 – Allegretto (05:16)

Part 1 | Part 2

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2 responses

22 03 2009

Beeing very glad having found you, I constantly discover new artitst to me -like this one.
It’s very impressing and inspiring, and a like it very much.
Thanks for the wonderful work you do and the time, you apply working with this blog. I appreciate it very much.
Thanks a lot! God bless you!

23 03 2009

WOW! Thank you so much! It’s great to hear that you like Brian Crain too. He is one of the absolute best in my humble opinion. Hope to see you come back and test out what’s available here. If you like Brain Crain, I’m certain you will find much more to your liking =-).

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