Guy Sweens – Gaya Of Wisdom

21 03 2009

folder18Guy Sweens – Gaya Of Wisdom
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 49:08 min | 2007 | 98.2 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Telling the story of Buddha through musical expression creates a beautifully descriptive album for the senses. Exotic flutes, vocal textures, and the sounds of India guide the listener to spiritual enlightenment. (By request for Fantom)

1. Siddharta’s Journey – 9.16
2. In Search of the Truth – 8.03
3. Gaya of Wisdom – 5.30
4. Temptation of Mara – 7.39
5. Under the Great Bodhi Tree – 6.12
6. Enlightenment – 4.47
7. Dhamma 7.24


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2 responses

22 03 2009

This has to be the best of the best.
It was a experience of a life time to listen to this album.
Have you listened to Indian flute music?

23 03 2009

I’m glad that you enjoyed it =_). Hope it brought a smile to your face. As to Indian flute music, I’m not certain I know what exactly you are talking about. If you could provide me with some artists, that would help tremendously.

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