Jonn Serrie – And The Stars Go With You

23 03 2009

albumJonn Serrie – And The Stars Go With You
MP3 @ 224 Kbps VBR  | 40:39 min | 1987 | 73.9 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Jonn Serrie is at his best when he composes and performs deep space music as opposed to contemporary instrumental new age. And the Stars Go With You is one of his gems. From the cover artwork on through the languid minimalism, this is special music. The timbres and textures are surreal and the atmospheres are sci-fi and warm. They invite listeners to go on a ride to the stars. Once out there in deep space, Serrie hooks into the stars and the stars are on the ride too. This is essential space music. It will appeal to fans of Stephanie Sante, Don Slepian, Constance Demby, and Michael Stearns.

01. Echoes From Ancient Dreams (05:30)
02. The Inner Flame (05:38)
03. A Flower in the Desert (07:37)
04. Heartbeat of the Universe (12:04)
05. Cloudshadows (03:22)
06. So Close – So Far (02:13)
07. The Magic of Spring (05:40)
08. Shine on Full Moon (05:29)
09. Echoes From Ancient Dreams Ii (08:13)


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2 responses

23 03 2009

Glad to see these up now, you’ve also got a few albums that have slipped past me the last couple years, thanks for sharing. :D

23 03 2009

You’re most welcome! I hadn’t listened to him in quite a while, and relistening opened my ears once more to is genius towards space-age music.

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