Jonn Serrie – Ixlandia

23 03 2009

front1_origJonn Serrie – Ixlandia
MP3 @ 256 Kbps | 52:24 min | 1995 | 107 MB | 10% Recovery Record

On this 1995 release, Jonn Serrie augments his patented space-music minimalism with a refreshing earthiness. The first four songs possess a tuneful momentum not often found in his other work, with a purring saxophone as the lead voice. Still, there is a vivid sense of adventure and otherness in the songs. “Ixlandia” is a smooth-jazz travelogue of alien terrain, and “Blue Lumia” has a vaguely Eastern flavor.

Midway through the record, a slower, more ambient mood takes over. Once again we are gently propelled into the outer realm by languid synthesizer tones and galactic textures. The final track, “Welcome Home,” smoothly blends the celestial with the earthbound: buried deep in the mix is the hushed recitation, in Italian, of a love poem.

01. Ixlandia
02. Blue Lumia
03. Night Orchid
04. Le Tresor
05. The Century Princess
06. Starport Indra
07. The Tachyon Directive
08. Welcome Home

Part 1 | Part 2

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