Jonn Serrie – The Stargazer’s Journey

23 03 2009

front_851_origJonn Serrie – The Stargazer’s Journey
MP3 @ 224 Kbps VBR | 1:00:01 min | 2003 | 106 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Jonn Serrie is widely considered to be the most accomplished visionary composer in America, a pioneer who has partnered with astronauts John Glenn and Chuck Yeager, performed at NASA events, and the standard for Space Music worldwide. His galactic soundscapes have been described by massage therapists and healing professionals as ‘a deeply peaceful oasis of sound’ and an utterly lovely and truly tranquil journey to the outer reaches of the human imagination.

At the last instant before the Sun sets on a clear evening, a sharp-eyed observer might notice the bright speck of sunlight turn green. For most of the world, that ‘green flash’ marks the end of day. But for a lover of the night sky, it marks the beginning of The Stargazer’s Journey. Even William Hershel, who discovered the planet Uranus, knew that music has a lot in common with astronomy. It’s been a great tradition that continues with Jonn Serrie’s beautiful collection of cosmic musical poetry.

01. The Stargazer’s Journey
02. Eye of the Beholder
03. Goldstone
04. Pan Galactic
05. The Stars, Like Dust
06. Radiant Dawn’s Whisper

Part 1 | Part 2

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