Isgaard – Secret Garden

25 03 2009

cover1Isgaard – Secret Garden
MP3 @ 224 Kbps | 47:49 min | 2004 | 85 MB | 10% Recovery Record

01-Dancing On Magic Trace
02-What Is Found
03-Man On The Moon
04-I Am To Weak
05-Secret Garden
06-People Don’t Die
07-Indian Eyes
08-Nothing But Me
09-Cry For Freedom
10-This Is Not America
11-The End
12-Longing For Silence


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4 responses

26 03 2009

oh my god you really did it!!!!!
Thanks soooo much!

26 03 2009

Lol, glad you approve =-). Have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with her. Her voice is quite unique =-).

27 03 2009


Thanks for the great music. Isgaard was completely unknown to me and it is a wonderfull discovery! Your blog is 1st class!

27 03 2009

Hi and welcome to QuietMusic! Thank you so much not only for the kind words, but also for taking the time to comment. I’ve got a massive upload going of Cusco. Hope you enjoy them too =-).

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