Cusco – 2002

27 03 2009

cusco-1993-2002Cusco – 2002
MP3 @ 192 Kbps | 42:20 min | 1993 | 60.5 MB | 10% Recovery Record

One character of new age music that I admire is it’s earth connectedness -the concern for the environment and creatures. One example is Cusco’s music in which the German group founder, Michael Holm, shares his view with a touching message at the back of the CD; the essence of the entire album reflects in his music and character. Only in new age music I have heard and read this such caring voice for our fragile and gradually dying planet. As a person that cares for the earth myself, I would sincerely like to share what he wrote:

“As the founder of Cusco, it has always been my philosophy that we, as human beings, must understand, respect and rejoice in the natural world. The responsilibility for the environment and the creatures of this planet is in our hands. With this in mind, it was a great pleasure for Cusco to compose the music for “Seilmann 2000.” Heinz Sielmann, the world renowned naturalist, created a series of television specials on the plight of wild animals throughout the world with special emphasis on the changes in nature over the last 30 years. CUSCO 2002 features 9 themes from this series.

I hope that as you enjoy our music, you will remember the animals and places that inspired us…and that our music will inspire you to become involved in preserving our natural world.”
— Michael Holm

These are the tracks that inspire and touch me deeply:

Australia – I personally love this track so much because of it’s soaring melody, stirring flow, great arrangement and instruments that were intelligently used. It makes me think of our lovely and precious planet.

Earth Waltz – My second favorite, it has a divine touch, lovely and touching melody. This track has a lovely ending. Listen closely to how the tone of the flute sounds.

01 – Seaplanet
02 – Australia
03 – Island turtles
04 – Erosion
05 – Ancient people
06 – Unkown paradise
07 – Didjeridoo
08 – From a higher point
09 – Earth Waltz

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2 responses

19 04 2009

File not available, I got the following message:

Due to a violation of our terms of use, the file has been removed from the server.

20 04 2009

Thanks for letting me know. I’ll reupload the album with a totally random name.

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