Cusco – Ancient journeys: A vision of new world

27 03 2009

cusco-2000-ancient-journeysCusco – Ancient journeys: A vision of new world
MP3 @ 192 Kbps | 42:52 min | 2000 | 64.5 MB | 10% Recovery Record

With their prolific outpouring of keyboard, flute, and tribal rhythmic recordings, Cusco has won over a strong following of genre listeners. A fairly light and easy offering, Ancient Journeys: A Vision of the New World will likely only appeal to those who are already fans. Smacking of all that is stereotypically New Age (insubstantial soul and cheesy soundscapes), Cusco can be headache-inducing for those not already enamored of the group’s uneasy saccharine charm. Quick flute trills merge with syncopated electronics, hand drums, water-drip sound effects, and breezy synthesized strings. A far better and more interesting choice for modern electro-instrumental soundscape is Damage by Roger Eno and Lol Hammond.

01 – Da Gama
02 – Conquistadores
03 – Land of the midnight sun
04 – Tigris & Euphrates
05 – Byzantium
06 – The journeys of Marco Polo
07 – The horsemen of Bulgar
08 – Kublai Khan
09 – The crusades

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4 responses

18 04 2009

The rapidshare file is removed. :(

19 04 2009

The file is not available, I got this message:

Due to a violation of our terms of use, the file has been removed from the server.

20 04 2009

Thanks, reuploading with a more random name.

20 04 2009

New file is being reupped right now =_).

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