Cusco – Apurimac II: Return To Ancient America

27 03 2009

cusco-1994-apurimac-iiCusco – Apurimac II: Return To Ancient America
MP3 @ 192 Kbps | 52:48 min | 1994 | 74.7 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Cusco reveals more mysteries of the Inca culture with their interpretative music on this highly creative CD. Their imagination soars into inner space – opening up new avenues of listening pleasure. Although my very favorite Cusco CD is the first Apurimac, this sequel is equally alluring. It contains fluid melodies and natural rhythms that bring to life the ‘secrets’ of the Inca culture. Experience the musical heights of the Andes mountains, glide on the wings of the condor and feel the soft fur of the lamas and alpacas … This music is joyous and cheerful. Cusco creates New Age music which brings to life the mysteries of the ancient past … mesmerizing the listener.

01 – Montezuma
02 – Quetzal’s feather
03 – Dance of the sun priest
04 – Tula
05 – Yucatan
06 – Xul-Kan, king of Palenque
07 – Maya temple
08 – Mexica
09 – Goddess of the moon
10 – Temple of rememberance


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