Cusco – Apurimac

27 03 2009

cusco-1985-apurimacCusco – Apurimac
MP3 @ 192 Kbps | 39:55 min | 1985 | 59 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Apurimac is Cusco’s U.S. debut.This album introduced Cusco’s trademark synthesizer sound to an American audience.While each Cusco album is different in its musical direction,each of them display the same,musical sound that is Cusco;heavy use of synthesizers,primarily as synthesized flutes,and full of melodic,high-energy,and dramatic music,with each of their albums covering a certain cultural and historic theme.Here on Apurimac,(the first of 3 in the Apurimac series)the music is focused on a ancient Incan theme,with a Peruvian influence,and full of simplistic,but melodic and enjoyable tunes.While the simplicity of the musical structure makes me subtract 1 star from the rating,it is the beauty and enjoyable experience of the album which saves the album and keeps me coming back to it time after time.The highlights on this album are “Apurimac”,”Flute Battle”,”Flying Condor”,”Fighting Inca”,and “Apurimac 2”,but the whole album is enjoyable,and none of the tracks are worthy of skipping.A promising U.S. debut for a then little-known group which has now become one of the most popular New Age groups in the world.Listen to this and their subsequent albums and you will see why.If you like this album,I also recommend you try their many other albums,but especially Apurimac 2 and Apurimac 3.They are even better than this album!In the meantime,give this album a listen and enjoy!

01 – Apurimac
02 – Flute battle
03 – Tupac Amaru
04 – Flying condor
05 – Inca dance
06 – Pastorale
07 – Amazonas
08 – Inca bridges
09 – Andes
10 – Atahualpa – The Last Inca
11 – Fighting Inca
12 – Apurimac II


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