Cusco – Cool Island

27 03 2009

cusco-1982-cool-islandCusco – Cool Island
MP3 @ 192 Kbps | 39:47 min | 1982 | 60.4 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Cool Islands is a studio album by the German cross-cultural new age band Cusco. It was released originally in 1982, and is currently available from the Prudence label under the title “Cool Island”.

The track North Easter was reworked for the 1989 album Mystic Island, with the newer version lacking the spacey introductory section, and with the ending reworked as well. By contrast, the track Aurora was revisited for the Water Stories album, but that 1990 version sounds practically identical to the original. North Easter also appeared in an almost symphonic rock incarnation on the 1992 album Cusco 2000. Many discographies show this album to be a 1983 release, but early LP pressings verify the 1982 release year.

01 – Aurora
02 – Antartic continent
03 – Penguin dance
04 – North Easter
05 – Whale
06 – Walrus
07 – North pole
08 – Iceberg
09 – Blizzard
10 – Tundra


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