Cusco – Mystic Island

27 03 2009

cusco-1989-mystic-islandCusco – Mystic Island
MP3 @ 192 Kbps | 48:55 min | 1989 | 73.8 MB | 10% Recovery Record

“Mystic Island” by Cusco captures the heart and soul of the listener with ambient soothing mysterious music … not at all like Apurimac I and II,which derived from a distinct earthly culture, the Incas and South America. This CD has flowing melodies and wonderful instrumentation and synthesizer accompaniment. One track includes a wonderful harp and flute melody with chimes and synthezier variations on the theme … which is very magical. Another track has an upbeat tempo with guitars and percussion … The music is varied and altogether highly satisfying – it does not get stuck in one mood or feeling but carries the listener across many feelings all of which are enjoyable experiences. The overall feeling of this music is like experiencing the wonders of nature … a sunset … watching the waves splash on shore … gliding down a river in raft or boat and absorbing the scenery as it unfolds. One senses the natural balance and harmony of different instruments but there is no competition for solo recognition … This CD is about moods and feelings that ride the waves of natural flowing music … slower at times, other times quicker paced but always natural and free. The ethereal sensations stay with the listener … long after the music has stopped playing. The sense of peace and contentment this CD produces is priceless.

01 – North Easter
02 – Lucky Jack
03 – Catalina
04 – Fireshoes
05 – Solitude
06 – Leo
07 – The fox and the lady
08 – Milky way
09 – Lonely Rose
10 – Pisces


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2 responses

10 04 2009
Henrique A. Melo

Bélissimo blog!! Vocês são responsaveis pelo alívio de minha alma!! Era todo o alento que ela estava precisando. AS musicas me inspiram e muito. Sou grato por vcs!! Quando precisarem de alguma ajuda estamos aqui!!

Henrique A. Melo

11 04 2009

Welcome to QuietMusic! Thank you so much for your pleasant comments. It’s remarkable people like you that make all the work put into this site worth it. Hope to see you here often!

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