Cusco – Ring Der Delphine

27 03 2009

cusco-1989-ring-der-delphineCusco – Ring Der Delphine
MP3 @ 192 Kbps | 43:36 min | 1989 | 65.9 MB | 10% Recovery Record

“Most of Cusco’s releases are available only in Europe. This album was originally released in Germany as Ring der Delphine. In the US, some of the tracks were put on various CDs, which are really just “Best of” CDs drawing from other Cusco releases. Of all the German releases (I have them all, as I lived there), this and Tales from a Distant Land are by far the best. The music here is simply great. The German release also had a long storybook (in German) about the tale of the Rings of the Dolphins, and how they progressed through history. Anyway, buy this album. It’s really good: the music is quite different from Apurimac. Various instruments and synthesizers are combined to make a great album, and there’s not a single track I dislike.”

01 – Ring der delphine
02 – Methos
03 – Der zauber
04 – Die wasser von Cesme
05 – Jebel at tarik
06 – Bur saic
07 – Kinderkreuzzug
08 – Ring der Delphine (reprise)


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