Cusco – Water Stories

27 03 2009

cusco-1990-water-storiesCusco – Water Stories
MP3 @ 192 Kbps | 49:40 min | 1990 | 75.1 MB | 10% Recovery Record

This 1990 CD, like Mystic Island released in 1989, is an excellent collection of songs from Cusco’s earlier CDs that, at the time, had not been released in the States. Both were put together by Higher Octave after their successful first American release, Apurimac, to satisfy new-found fan demand for their earlier music. Water Stories was later released on the Prudence label in Germany, where it was considered a “best of” compilation. Early Cusco CDs are catchy, almost always fast-paced instrumentals that are on the edge of New Age. The group challenges the boundaries with pop, cosmopolitan rock, jazz and classical. Not as mature as some of their later albums, but make no mistake, this is outstanding New Age music. On Water Stories, their trademark panpipes and keyboards are used on selections related to the bodies of water that popped up on Desert Island, Cusco II, Cool Island, Virgin Island, and Ring der Delphine. The songs range from the upbeat “Waters of Cesme”, to the beautiful “Lake Erie” (an interesting arrangement of the traditional Scarborough Fair), to the almost classical “Aurora” which uses the strings of the Munich Symphony Orchestra. The final cut, “Chorus”, is from Musik Mantras 2, a haunting Johannes Walter production which includes some of Cusco’s music. If you want a one-stop sample of some of the “pre-Apurimac” music that made Cusco one of Japan and Europe’s (and now America’s) favorite contemporary instrumental groups, Water Stories is a good choice.

01 – Waters of change
02 – Java
03 – Seychelles
04 – Lake Erie
05 – Bur Said
06 – Jebel at tarik
07 – Sun Of Jamaica
08 – Lake of the Ozarks
09 – Alcatraz
10 – Bodensee
11 – Aurora
12 – Chorus


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4 responses

31 03 2009
Chas Hathaway

Cusco has a nice style. It’s a good mix of native American and New-age. It also has a very relaxing sound.

– Chas

31 03 2009

Glad you like their style! Cusco is pretty unique in the regards that each of their albums sounds a bit different from the next, but yet you still know that it’s Cusco. Not many artist’s I’ve come across can pull that trick off, lol.

31 03 2009

Cool disc, thanks for sharing!

1 04 2009

Hi there and welcome to QuietMusic! Thank you very much for taking the time to comment. Hope you like the rest of the Cusco series!

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