Deep Forest – Essence Of The Forest

1 04 2009

front2Deep Forest – Essence Of The Forest
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 1:17:40 min | 2004 | 167 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Deep Forest’s greatest hits collection finally sees a stateside release, albeit with a drastically different tracklisting to its import counterparts. While imports versions tend to be better in this case neither version is truly satisfactory. The US release offers Deep Forest’s biggests hits “sweet lullaby” (in a slightly remixed form) and “marta’s song” as well smart choices like “ekue ekue” and “twosome.” These songs really showcase the act’s ability create modern vocal pop songs from ethnic chants and old folk songs. The US collection sadly omits the duo’s collaboration with Peter Gabriel on “while the earth sleeps.” Neither domestic nor import release give a nod to “Pacifique” – the soundtrack they scored. The US tracklisting works well despite its noticeable omissions. It does try to make up with the inclusion of the Deep forest remix of “undecided” for artist Youssou N’dour. If you are a casual fan of deep forest or relaxing world music this is a great hits package. For fans of the group this album may be a huge disappointment and it may be worth seeking out one of the 2 import versions that exists.

01 – Sweet Lullaby (Version 2004)
02 – Marta’s Song (avec Marta Sebestyen)
03 – Night Bird (Version 2004)
04 – Anasthasia
05 – Freedom Cry
06 – Desert Walk (Version 2004)
07 – Dignity (feat. Beverly Jo Scott)
08 – Ekue Ekue
09 – L’ile Invisible
10 – Yuki Song (feat. Beverly Jo Scott)
11 – Deep Weather
12 – Far East
13 – Deep Blue Sea (feat. Anggun)
14 – Lament
15 – La Lune Se Bat (avec Les Etoiles)
16 – Twosome (Marta et Katalin version)
17 – Will You Be Ready (feat. Angela Mc Cluskey & Hajime Chitose)
18 – In the Evening
19 – Will You Be Ready (Be Prepared Remix) (feat. Angela Mc Cluskey & Hajime Chitose)
20 – Yuki Song (Remix) (feat. Beverly Jo Scott)
21 – Sweet Lullaby (Version 2003) (feat Ana Torroja)

Part 1 | Part 2

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