Deep Forest – Kusa No Ran

1 04 2009

kusa-no-ran-front1Deep Forest – Kusa No Ran
MP3 @ 224 Kbps | 43:20 min | 2004 | 75.7 MB | 10% Recovery Record

But even though Deep Forest has produced music for movies before, there are several suprises on the new score of Kusa no Ran.  One of the big ones being that there are 23 tracks, two composed by Michel Sanchez and all the rest by Eric Mouquet!  It’s sort of a departure from the team effort that fans are used to seeing from the musical duo, at least under the name Deep Forest.

01. Chichibu Faraway
02. Voice Of The Grass
03. For The Beloved One
04. Voice Of The Grass II
05. Volition
06. Fire Within The Heart
07. Unforgiven
08. Autumn
09. Ryo Shrine – Previous Night
10. Forever
11. Separation
12. Chase – Pursuit
13. Wolves Under The Moon
14. Mountain Pass
15. Rebellion Of The Grass
16. Dark Clouds
17. Confusion
18. Spread Over Mountains And Rivers
19. Evening In Chichibu
20. Requiem
21. Proof For Living
22. Eternal Dream
23. Eternal Dream


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