Michel Sanchez (Deep Forest) – Hieroglyphes

1 04 2009

folder9Michel Sanchez (Deep Forest) – Hieroglyphes
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 59:31 min | 2000 | 145 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Michel Sanchez, who also gave us the infectious “Deep Forest” albums, is a master talent. His previous solo outing, “Windows,” was one of my favorite albums of 1998, so I couldn’t wait to get my ears on this new release. Believe it or not, this new record, “Hieroglyphs,” makes the wild and wonderful “Windows” seem almost tame by comparison. Think of what might happen if there were a collaborative effort among Weather Report, New York Voices, Cirque du Soleil, and Rob Mounsey’s Flying Monkey Orchestra — all pumped up on steroids — and you begin to get the idea. Sanchez, with his amazing ability to mesh various musical styles and vivid tone colors (not to mention his impeccable keyboard virtuosity), will turn your ear every which way but loose! While “Deep Forest” fans may or may not be able to keep up, Sanchez definitely runs ahead of the pack on this one!

1. Hieroglyphes
2. Stimulus
3. Hot Day
4. La Paysanne
5. Poeme
6. That’s Just Like Me
7. Parlami D’Amour
8. Issouena
9. Tanis
10. Duo
11. Serments
12. Souffler N’Est Pas Jouer
13. La Citadine

Part 1 | Part 2

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