Michel Sanchez (Deep Forest) – Windows

3 04 2009

cover8Michel Sanchez (Deep Forest) – Windows
MP3 @ 160 Kbps | 58:26 min | 1994 | 73.9 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Michel Sanchez is a member of Deep Forest. This solo CD was recorded in 1994. Of course, it`s not as good as “World Mix”, “Boheme” or “Music Detected”, but this CD much more interesting than other albums by Deep Forest. It starts from dynamic song “Tholos”. Tholos means a kind of mysterious sanctauries or tombs, which were built from gigantic stones in Europe in Neolithic Age. The album is a mix of dynamic and slow light instrumental electronic melodies with many samples of ethnic singing (one thing is bad – there are no any commentaries by Sanchez or references to the sources of this samples). If such an album was recorded, say, by David Byrne or Eno it could be a sensation! So if you like early Deep Forest – you would like this CD. A must for every fan of DF.

01 – Tholos
02 – After the Rain
03 – Out of the Window
04 – The Old Tree
05 – Procession
06 – Unforgettable Day
07 – Humming Birds
08 – Only the Children
09 – Gold Diggers
10 – Moonbeam
11 – Calumet
12 – Yodle Dance
13 – Yellow Stone


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2 responses

7 04 2009

This album is really good, thanks for sharing!

7 04 2009

Glad to hear that you like the album! Hope you find tons more that you like here!

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