Suzanne Ciani – History Of My Heart

3 04 2009

suzanne_ciani_history_of_my_heart_1989_retail_cd-front1Suzanne Ciani – History Of My Heart
MP3 @ 192 Kbps | 49:03 min | 1989 | 73.7 MB | 10% Recovery Record

With History of My Heart, electronic music/new age pioneer Suzanne Ciani seems to be talking through her bank of keyboards and synths, instead of letting the technology interpret her thoughts. The album’s title is played out over 11 tracks tracing the contours of Ciani’s romantic peaks and valleys. “Anthem” is just that, a major chord triumph of tinkling keys and slowly building strings. The vintage synth “robotic sigh” of the song’s bridge reminds listeners that Ciani is creating her music entirely on electronic equipment. The tentative melody of “Italian Movie” could suggest a drive through the Tuscan countryside with its plucked nylon-guitar effect, while “Inverness” is a conventional new age mood piece, complete with breathy, ethnic flute and fluttering synth and piano. That said, its understated quality is charming in a genre that too often becomes heavy-handed when it’s only trying to be light and airy.

01. Inverness (04:52)
02. Samukee (04:07)
03. Drifting (05:03)
04. Anthem (03:59)
05. Driving (05:23)
06. Eagle (04:05)
07. Mozart (04:03)
08. Jacques (04:51)
09. Italian Movie (04:45)
10. Terra Mesa (04:22)
11. Anthem (Piano Version) (03:57)


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