Suzanne Ciani – Seven Waves

3 04 2009

cover3Suzanne Ciani – Seven Waves
MP3 @ 192 Kbps | 42:55 min | 1982 | 61.7 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Seven Waves is Suzanne Ciani’s first album. She started recording it in 1979, finished it in 1981, and released it in Japan in 1982. The first U.S. release was in 1984. She re-released it in 1995 on Seventh Wave, her own label, named for this CD. She recorded this music on vintage electronic equipment, most of which no longer exists. This set is a conglomeration of Ciani’s electronic wizardry, her new age sensitivity, and her innate romanticism. The atmospheres and soundscapes are dense and gentle. Her melodies hover above and within the soundscapes. This is classic e-music and essential listening for all fans of electronic new age music. It evokes responses similar to those evoked by Kitaro, Constance Demby, Nik Tyndall, and Lisa Lynne.

01. First Wave: Birth of Venus (05:04)
02. Second Wave: Sirens (07:18)
03. Third Wave: Love in the Waves (05:18)
04. Fourth Wave: Wind in the Sea (03:47)
05. Fifth Wave: Water Lullaby (05:48)
06. Sixth Wave: Deep in the Sea (07:05)
07. Seventh Wave: Sailing Away (06:37)


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