Suzanne Ciani – Turning

3 04 2009

ciani-turningSuzanne Ciani – Turning
MP3 @ 192 Kbps | 47:28 min | 1999 | 71.4 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Suzanne Ciani is one of the classiest new age performers of this — or any other — era. Turning is her 11th album and her first to include vocals. The title track has romantic lyrics written by Ciani and performed by Chyi Yu. It is the opening track and it is a grabber. That is a good start and Ciani builds on it strongly. Her classical training and her spiritual sensitivity ooze from every chord and every note on this CD. The gentle melodies are elegant and regal, the atmospheres are soft and warm, and the soundscape is lazy and seductive. And the nicest feature of this CD is Ciani herself. Her smiling countenance on the front of the disc is the first clue. In the liner notes she gives up the mystery: “I make these records firstly for myself…(and) to communicate with whomever will listen…(Turning) was a joy for me to make…for me and for you.” Any work created with that 12-step philosophy is a guaranteed winner. This is an essential new age classic. It will appeal to fans of Lisa Lynne, Nancy Rumbel, Constance Demby, and Dean Evenson.

01. Turning (04:10)
02. Ocean Avenue (04:15)
03. If If Could (04:17)
04. Yang Ming Shen (03:22)
05. I Believe In Love (04:04)
06. Soaring (03:44)
07. The Enchantress (03:17)
08. Bird And Fish (04:26)
09. La Mer (04:30)
10. Waltz For Julia (04:04)
11. Turning (Instrumental) (03:52)
12. Midnight Rendezvous (03:31)


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6 responses

3 04 2009

Thanks Bright!


3 04 2009

This was one that I didn’t realize she had put out. So when I was trying to find as many albums of hers as I could, this one popped up. And I have to say, I’m glad it did =_).

6 04 2009

Wow – one other great artist found with your help!
Wonderful music!
In parts it remembers me to Enya.
Thanks for your great work and patience with us :-)
My thoughts are with you, finding new housing!

6 04 2009

Thank you so much! I’m so glad that you like her. She was one of the very first artists I had the privilege to be introduced to. Amazing woman, amazing music! Hope you took the time to read the post I just made about my housing situation. Today was a VERY good day =-).

12 04 2009

Another good one. Thanks very much.

15 04 2009

Glad you like it! If you like Suzanne Ciani, you will probably also like Chas Hathaway.

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