Midori – A Promise Of Serenity

9 04 2009

c061bd62fb7dMidori – A Promise Of Serenity
MP3 @ 192 Kbps VBR | 1:00:30 min | 2008 | 79.1 MB | 10% Recovery Record

A gentle and instanly peaceful title that will have you sinking into your chair after a long day going ahhhhh. The continuation of the best selling series which was started by ‘A Promise of Angels’.  For MusicMad =_)

01 – Pure
02 – Grace
03 – Fairness
04 – Calm
05 – Peace
06 – Stillness
07 – Clarity
08 – Quietness
09 – Serenity


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8 responses

9 04 2009

What can I say!
You always stun me!… Thanx a million!
I thought you forgot my request, but I was wrong!!!
Please keep on, keep draw a smile on our faces, your posts are a breeze of serenity for our minds & souls.
Bless you m8.

9 04 2009

You are most welcome! Had a bit of a break today while trying to find some larger boxes, so thought I would post that for you =_).

10 04 2009

this is great! thx
do you have also

A promise of Healing ?

10 04 2009

i have known New age recently! so surprising, this kind of music is really atractive. hope that u will share more!

10 04 2009

Thank you very much for the comment! Unfortunately, I don’t have A Promise Of Healing, but will add it to my searchlist.

10 04 2009

Hi there and welcome! Good to hear that you recently found New Age music! Think you will find a great deal to enjoy here =-).

23 04 2009

to me, new age is really new :D, but after listening some albums from ur blog,i completely appreciate them. anw, thanks !

23 04 2009

Hi and welcome to QuietMusic! It’s great to hear you have begun to appreciate New Age Music =_). Hope you enjoy what you find here!

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