Richard Burmer – Across The View

9 04 2009

richard-burmer-across-the-view-fRichard Burmer – Across The View
MP3 @ 256 Kbps | 56:14 min | 2000 | 114 MB | 10% Recovery Record

In this case it’s not the case I can assure you, maybe it’s the right etiquette with all the ingredients, melodic, soft, with synth pad washes and slow rythmic patterns, but these different melodic themes are always nearly pentatonical interesting, and you will find here and there some sonical surprises. Although there might be just a little lack in using too much a bunch of same kind of sounds (very fluty and occasionaly guitar-like) but if you like those, this can be for you. Must admit I like these melancholic to happy simple moods, but also project me somehow in some mysterious lost worlds. this is what Richard Burmer has a talent for. This Music as the strengh and the appeal to speak directly to you without any masks…


1             Across The View (4:43)
2           Magellan (6:39)
3           Turning To You (4:59)
4           Look Where We Are Now (4:47)
5           The Forgotten Season (4:41)
6           Celebration In The Four Towers (3:55)
7           The Art Of Spirit Bending (4:55)
8           Lament (3:22)
9           A Story From The Rain (7:05)
10           Extension Of A War (3:48)
11           Waking The Icons (6:49)

Part 1 | Part 2

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8 responses

10 04 2009

Brilliant, thanks!

10 04 2009

This is another one of those albums that seems to always pop into my mind when I envision what a soundtrack for QuietMusic would be like. “Across the View” & “Turning To You” are some of the most beautiful pieces I have ever heard. The sense of serenity that comes over me after listening to “Across The View” is astonishing. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have and do =_).

10 04 2009

Wow! Thanks for that good itroduction note.

Haven’t Heard richard burmer before.

Update : Hearing magellan, like what i have heard. shall downlaod the rest.
So is the whole collection been posted?

Thanks bright

10 04 2009

few minutes later:

Agree with Quitemusic . Beautiful percussion-ary Blend

11 04 2009

Yes, the entire “published” collection is here. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2006, so there won’t be any more new stuff. I do have about 20 other songs that were only made available on the original I’ll be uploading them here shortly.

11 04 2009

He has a flair for creating illusions within his music. If you listen to Across the View quietly, you will hear a certain flavor, but if you turn it up, the dynamic completely changes. Everytime I listen to this album, I’m astonished by the complexity and yet the simplicity of his music. A true musical genius.

13 04 2009

I’ve been a big fan of Richard for since 1987 and even knew him. It was a great loss when he passed in 2006. Sadly his musics are long out of print and hard to find. I’m glad he is finding an audience all over again.

I don’t see “Bhakti Point” from 1987 and “Shining by the River (Collections Vol. 1)” from 1995 posted here. I have .mp3’s ripped from original CD’s and would be happy to share. ;-)

I also have many of his original compositions from other sources… “Cousteau’s Dream” and most of the Chip Davis’ ‘Day Parts’ albums (only missing two of his compositions from “Chip Davis’ Day Parts: Romance 2”).

Would love to see those “20 other songs” from the original Such a great loss when the original went away.

15 04 2009

Hi there! Thank you so much for not only your comment, but also for the time you took to write it out. Richard Burmer is one of my all-time favorites in terms of pure New Age music. My tastes seem to have changed a bit since I really sat down and listened to him, but the purity of his music cannot be denied. It truly saddened me when I read that he had passed away. We all lost a genius.

If you would be willing to rip those albums to .mp3 format, that would be wonderful. Especially if you could do them at 320 kbps. Once I’ve done the update on my housing situation, I’ll being the upload for those miscellaneous tracks. It’s possible that some of them might even slide into those albums that you are missing. Thanks once again for the offer to rip them. Take care!

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