Richard Burmer – Invention

9 04 2009

folder14Richard Burmer – Invention
MP3 @ 192 – 320 Kbps VBR | 52:58 min | 1992 | 81.9 MB | 10% Recovery Record

For many the name Richard Burmer is synonymous with modern-day genius. Like M.C. Escher, J.R.R. Tolkien, and John Lennon, Burmer has gone beyond the realm of merely creating art, by traveling into and manifesting the realms of the otherworldly and fantastic. His three previous releases have provided musical spaces of in-depth exploration and inspired listening. 1987’s “Bhakti Point,” his second effort, is a modern-day classic, while “On the Third Extreme,” recorded in 1988, set off in search of new sonic terrain. Four years in the making, he has traveled even farther this time to bring his superb new album Invention. On the itinerary are explorations like “Curiodance,” “Easter Eve,” “Walking Summer to Sleep” and “Settle Near the Sunset,” which animate the landscape of majestic beauty and whimsical wondering. On “King-Fisher’s Day,” “Promise of Return,” “Landing” and “Inventor,” Burmer crashes boundaries of musical convention and propels one into the world of high drama and rhythmic, emotional intensity. Incorporating state-of-the-art synthesizers like the Emulator and Proteus with added percussion and guest guitarist Jon Claussen, Richard creates a sweeping orchestral sound which is hard to believe…and well worth the wait.

01 – Kingfisher’s Day
02 – Promise Of Return
03 – Curio Dance – #1
04 – Landing
05 – Settle Near The Sun
06 – Inventor
07 – Walking Summer To Sleep
08 – Easter Eye
09 – Curio Dance – #2
10 – This Picture Will Never Fade


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2 responses

10 04 2009

Thank for Bright! Good music…

11 04 2009

Glad you like it!

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