Jon Mark – Alhambra

10 04 2009

folder18Jon Mark – Alhambra
MP3 @ 192 – 320 Kbps VBR | 1:10:48 min | 1993 | 102 MB | 10% Recovery Record

From the spellbinding majesty of the Alhambra to the thunderous war machine called Conquistadores, Jon Mark has again captured the soul and spirit of a people in his music. The Alhambra was at one time the royal city/fortress of the Moors, looking down over Spanish Granada, with numerous and wonderful palaces, courtyards, fountains, and splenderous gardens. It was built over the course of centuries, and became the birthplace of countless legends of opulence, mighty rulers, intrigue, and romance. As in The Standing Stones of Callanish and Land of Merlin, Jon Mark weaves ancient melodies and rhythms into his electronic tapestry, this time portraying the elegance and grandeur of medieval Spain. With classical guitar accents, sounds of harp, trumpet, and the hot desert wind adding vivid colorings, Alhambra is yet another haunting soundtrack to give wings to ever-nomadic imaginations.

01 – Alhambra
02 – Arabesque (Night of the Gypsies)
03 – The Court of the Kings
04 – Coming of the Moors
05 – The Infantas
06 – Sirocco
07 – Glory of Spain
08 – The Garden
09 – The Trilogy of the Innocent Ones I. Innocenti
10 – The Trilogy of the Innocent Ones II. Conquistadores
11 – The Trilogy of the Innocent Ones III. Requiem

Part 1 | Part 2

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