Tom Barabas – Journey Back To Sedona

10 04 2009

front13Tom Barabas – Journey Back To Sedona
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 56:47 min | 1996 | 143 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Without copying ‘Sedona Suite’, Tom Barabas has created a new set of soothing, spiritually refreshing compositions of music that captures the magic of Sedona without diving into the realms of ‘tacky tourist music’ that pervades the music one might hear around the shops of Sedona.

Tom is a master at the piano, as he has created several CD’s of music that show his impressive talent. This particular CD takes you on yet another trip around the magic that is Sedona, however we do not get a ‘Volume 2’ – we get some carefully composed works that further capture the magic of Sedona, as well as others that are ‘related’ (in other words, personal works with the CD), and they stand well on their own despite the association with ‘Sedona’. My main point here is that Tom is a great piano player, and his works (as he has proved to date) are well beyond the ‘let me play my piano and give you my impression of a rock somewhere’ – he is in the leagues of Lanz, Winston and others – he has just not pursued their route to date.

I give an enthusiatic 5 stars for Tom’s efforts here, as he creates a magic with his music that is lost amongst many of his ‘new age contemporaries’. In other words, he truly blows them away – look out Lanz and others like you, as TB can really play his piano!

1 – Journey
2 – Nuages (Clouds)
3 – After the Rain
4 – Visions
5 – Moon Over Sedona
6 – Angel’s Song
7 – Kaleidoscope
8 – Circle of Friends
9 – Caressed By The Wind
10 – Reach For Your Dreams

Part 1 | Part 2

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