Tom Barabas – The Very Best Of

10 04 2009

51chda37xel_ss500_Tom Barabas – The Very Best Of
MP3 @ 256 Kbps | 1:07:37 min | 2007 | 137 MB | 10% Recovery Record

01 – Midnight Affair (Mosaic 1995)
02 – Endless Time (Classica Nouveau 1994)
03 – After The Rain (Journey 1996)
04 – More Than Words (Sedona Suite 1992)
05 – Lovers In The Moonlight (Romantic Rhapsodies 1998)
06 – Caressed By The Wind (Journey 1996)
07 – Suite Memories (Sedona Suite 1992)
08 – Epiphany (Romantic Rhapsodies 1998)
09 – Moon Over Sedona (Journey 1996)
10 – Dance Me To Heaven (Romantic Rhapsodies 1998)
11 – Journey (Journey 1996)
12 – Free Spirit (Sedona Suite 1992)
13 – Shades Of Love (Romantic Rhapsodies 1998)

Part 1 | Part 2

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2 responses

10 04 2009

I’m listening to Tom for the first time, and how beautiful his music is!
Thanx again my friend…
Don’t you agree with me that the music composed and played at the previous two decades (1980-1999) are much more relaxing and depicting than the now-adays music? I’ve touched that even from the difference in the same artist’s albums. Life’s changing even in its essence… I hope we will find some music to love in the future!
Lots of Love,,,

10 04 2009

Glad you like his music! And you’re right to some extent in regards to the music of the past decades being more relaxing. There are artists coming out with new stuff all the time. A very good example of that is Chas Hathaway. Soothing, easy to feel music. But overall, the mainstream stuff has a much harder edge to it. I’m just glad that we have the technology that allows us to enjoy the older stuff still =_).

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