Gnomusy – Ethereality

11 04 2009

01_gnomusy_coverGnomusy – Ethereality
MP3 @ 192 Kbps | 1:05:21 min | 2004 | 102 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Making Music, Saving Lives! A magical blend of Celtic and Andinian elements, melodious and emotive, #1 on the MP3 charts for 40 weeks, Ethereality had over 2.3 million downloads. All Profits from the sale of this CD are being donated to DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS. Well-known Spanish artist and scientist David Caballero (aka Gnomusy) signs on to support the charitable causes of Non Profit Music through the release of “Ethereality,” a collection of Caballero’s top ambient/New Age hits featuring an eclectic blend of Celtic, Latin and Andinian elements mixed with magical, fairytale-esque themes.

Caballero has hand-picked the most popular of his tracks to comprise “Ethereality,” the ultimate collection reflecting a lifetime of fantasies wrapped in music. Paradoxes are not strangers in Caballero’s world. Besides studying and composing music, Caballero majored in Forestry Engineering at the Polytechnical University of Madrid; he is now a scientist who researches forest fire and information systems projects such as EUFIRELAB, co-funded by the European Commission. Devoting his professional career to the study and management of forest fires has kept him closely in touch with Nature, one of his greatest inspirations.

He explains, “I used to bring a tape recorder with me on long walks through the forests. In them, I annotate ideas, sounds and even effects. New melodies appear suddenly anytime, they are mischievous animals and you must be prepared to capture them!”

Caballero adds that “Ethereality” is dedicated “to the people who fight and die for the sake of a well-balanced humankind and to those who dedicate their lives in silence to Art and to the quest for beauty,” as well as to his family and, finally, to Mike Oldfield, who Caballero refers to as “my guide.”

1 – Altair
2 – Virtuality II
3 – Alexandra
4 – Dolmen Ridge
5 – Birth Of Blodeuwedd
6 – Isabel Romantica
7 – Runa
8 – Mystic Knight
9 – Worlds End Garden
10 – Camelot
11 – Dance Of The Mist
12 – Tagorth The Cavern
13 – Shadows In The Wood
14 – Footprints On The Sea
15 – Posidonia
16 – Echoes From Rivendell
17 – Ballerina

Part 1 | Part 2

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8 responses

11 04 2009

Never heard this artist before either. Thanks for introducing to new music.


12 04 2009

Hey there Quietmusic,

Some great posts lately despite being busy! Thanks!

I was wondering, you have such a variety of artists on your blog – what are your personal favourites or recommendations?

12 04 2009

I have a sneaking suspicion that you are going to really like Gnomusy =-)

12 04 2009

Thank you for the kind words. I have found that posting can be quite relaxing, so have been able to mostly keep the updates regular =-). In terms of my recommendations, I tend to listen to an album that has been recently downloaded. However, I do have a playlist that gets a rather substantial amount of playtime as well, lol. Once the move is complete, Once of the additions I would like to make is an area where people can post their playlists. Should be quite interesting to see the favorites of everyone =_).

That aside, my personal favorite artists that readily come to mind are:Curtis
Bernward Koch
Blue Stone
Brian Crain
Chas Hathaway
Chris Spheeris
Curtis McDonald
David Friedman
David Lanz
Ryan Farish
Guy Sweens
Hans Zimmer
Kevin Kendle
Kevin Wood
Kevin Kern
Mars Lasar
Marshall Styler
Medwynn Goodall
Omar Akram
Patrick O’Hearn
Paul SchwartzCurtis
Ray Lynch
Richard Burmer
Robert Miles
Ronan Hardiman
Soul Ballet
Steve Haun
The Spirit Level
Zero Cult

Some of these have not been posted as of yet, but will be eventually, lol.

12 04 2009

Is new for me, but what a great music. Thanks Quietmusic.

15 04 2009

His music is wonderful in my opinion. Definitely a cut above the rest =_).

23 04 2009

New to this, and really liking the discoveries! Thank you very much!

23 04 2009

Hope you really like this one. It’s one of my all-time favorites =-)

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