Gnomusy – The Edge

11 04 2009

front17Gnomusy – The Edge
MP3 @ 128 – 320 Kbps | 29:22 min | 2002 | 64.6 MB | 10% Recovery Record

So much of Gnomusy’s music is an audio passport to places most of us can only wish to experience.  Dolmen Ridge is one of the journeys you will find yourself wanting to take over and over.  I can’t get enough of the song.  There is something visceral about how it grabs at your heart.

1 – Dolmen Ridge
2 – Hordath
3 – Niru
4 – Luk
5 – Dance of the Mist
6 – The Dormants
7 – Caprice
8 – Shadows in The Wood


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6 responses

11 04 2009

Liked ‘ethereality’
Dwonlaoding this one now.

thank you bright!

12 04 2009

Glad you like Ethereality! Try listening to “Dance of the mist” with your eye closed. It’s a journey you will love =-).

16 04 2009

“Ethereality” open a new space on my music mind. So, I follow the trend hearing other works. Thanks for yr work, bright.

19 04 2009

Like everything in this place…A wonderfull share!!!! Thanks!!!!

20 04 2009

It’s great to hear that you enjoyed “Ethereality”! Gnomusy will hopefully be releasing a new album in about a month or so. Can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to that =-).

20 04 2009

Glad you are enjoying it! Thank you so much for the kinds words too!

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