Patrick O’Hearn – Indigo

11 04 2009

4c0308beb8921998150c87ca6cc90520Patrick O’Hearn – Indigo
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 55:43 min | 1995 | 131 MB | 10% Recovery Record

With an air of mystery, subtle menace and occasional majesty, “Indigo” is like the opening soundtrack to some dark-themed movie, portending any number of dire, heavy occurrence to come without actually ever reaching those points. There’s no sweetness and light here. Those of you looking for friendly angel guides should look elsewhere; this music explores the opposite end of the spectrum. If these subdued, minimalistic, synthesizer-based compositions were designed for any sort of meditation, it would be a brooding, depressive meditation that I wouldn’t recommend as being particularly healthy for long periods of time. But sometimes the cards just fall wrong, and you need a place to go to lick your wounds, re-gather your edge and your self-confidence, and mull over the possibilities such as they now stand. The world of “Indigo” is a good place to do that. Patrick O’Hearn’s music is laid back enough to mellow you out, but cool enough–and with just enough percussion fading in and out throughout the album–to nourish your strength, renew your determination and encourage your spirit to rise again. A good retrospective of O’Hearn’s work is “The Private Music of Patrick O’Hearn,” and my favorite of his albums–similar to Indigo, but livelier and edgier, is “Ancient Dreams.” Other synth-driven New Age music that often has a dark edge includes the work of Tangerine Dream, Llewellyn and Amethystium.

1. Devil’s Lake
2. Sacrifice
3. Coba
4. Upon the Wings of Night
5. Sacred Heart
6. The Beauty Within
7. Desire
8. The Ringmaster’s Dream
9. España

Part 1 | Part 2

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2 responses

12 04 2009

Thanks QM!

12 04 2009

You’re most welcome! I really like this album, so thank you for the nudge to find more Patrick O’hearn =_).

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