Steven Halpern – Gifts Of The Angels

11 04 2009

gifts-of-the-angels-frontSteven Halpern – Gifts Of The Angels
MP3 @ 224 Kbps | 1:16:11 min | 1994 | 124 MB | 10% Recovery Record

When much of modern day’s rock music and the civilization’s pressure on people’s lifestyle has a stressful and bad influence on the well being Steven Halpern’s music is a blessing. The Godfather and inventor of the New Age music that has a healing and relaxing purpose makes music that puts the body in it’s own rhythm and leads into a state of balance and inner peace. Gifts of Angels does all this, but adds an extra dimension with its beautiful angel song, making this an absolute world class New Age album. The music puts the brain waves in an alpha state and sometimes my heartbeat even gets down to 40 beats per minute, leading to a sense of peace and relaxation at the same time as its get me ready to meet my everyday life as a more balanced and happier human being. To have the opportunity to lie down and do nothing, just listen to this beautiful music, and let it fill your entire body with peace and comfort is a luxury that I think every human being should have the opportunity to do and that everybody needs to do once in a while. Unfortunately many people don’t have the knowledge about New Age and the way it helps us to a better life. Bands like Rush, Journey and Def Leppard gives us the rush and entertainment that we need to be energetic while going to the gym or driving the car fast on a sunny summer day. Steven Halpern’s music gets the body in a state of balance and peace and helps us to get more concentrated and focused. The price of this CD is not just the price of another CD, it’s an investment in a better life, like buying a miracle pill that gets you healthier and helps you get away from illness and an unhealthy life, a pill that never will end.

01 – Gifts Of The Angels
02 – Angels Of Music
03 – Radiance
04 – Pachelbel’s Canon In D Major
05 – Deep Healing
06 – Harmonic Convergence
07 – Ode For Orpheus
08 – Celestial Prophecy
09 – Angels On High
10 – Deep Bamboo
11 – Eternally
12 – Higher Ground
13 – Chakra Healing
14 – The Light In Your Eyes
15 – Eternal OM

Part 1 | Part 2

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6 responses

12 04 2009

Thanks QM! :-)

12 04 2009

You’re quite welcome! I’m still looking for more of his stuff. It’s amazing how difficult his stuff is to find considering how prolific he has been.

17 04 2009
Lady Jane Wensleydale

Here’s my favorite Steven Halpern. It’s Ancient Echoes, with Georgia Kelly. I’ve had it for a long time, and always enjoy listening to it!

20 04 2009

@Lady Jane
Thank you so much! I’ve downloaded it, and will reupload it onto my rapidshare account. Look for the post shortly, as I’m uploading it right now.

7 05 2009

Hi Quietmusic,

The rapidshare link does not work. Is there any other link I can download it from.


8 05 2009

I’m sorry to tell you this, but right now, all the RS links on the site are dead right now. I’m starting up a new portal that will fix all that, so please bear with me.

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