Tim Story – Beguiled

20 04 2009

cover10Tim Story – Beguiled
MP3 @ 192 Kbps | 45:52 min | 1991 | 68.5 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Story’s music might be more accurately described as psychological chamber music. It is intricately composed, well-thought-out, essentially indifferent as to how it might be perceived by the listener. It is music that speaks with a voice all its own: fragile and yet profound. It doesn’t care what you may think of it. It exists in its own very personal and intimate space, and it invites you into that space to share in its mystery.

Every piece on this album is a finely chiselled work of art. The last two pieces, “Many Years Pass,” and “The Luminous, The Dark”, taken together form one of the most beautiful sequences of music that I’ve ever heard. The music ends by converging towards a gentle electronic pulse, and then returning into the silence and mystery from which it came, leaving the listener beguiled.

01 Beguiled
02 Helen Of The West
03 Improbable Landscape
04 These Few Words
05 Pale Litany
06 And Evening Falls
07 In The Days Of Small Sorrows
08 Her Cathedral
09 Delires
10 Eyelids Of The Sea
11 Many Years Pass
12 The Luminous, The Dark


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