Peter Buffett – The Waiting

22 04 2009

peter-buffett-the-waiting-frontPeter Buffett – The Waiting
MP3 @ 224 Kbps | 41:17 min | 1987 | 72.6 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Peter Buffet is an established musician with some dozen albums and many soundtracks to his credit. The Waiting, which is his first (1987) album, displayed his skill in the developing genre of electronic music. In this album Buffet uses many techniques associated with ‘space’ music – particularly broad tonal layers and a dash of minimalistic repetition – to notable effect. But Buffet avoids the disharmonies that are usually associated with this style. Instead his layers are melodic, sometimes supporting each other, and at other times indulging in complex counterpoint.

The album also demonstrates at a rhythmic level the Native American influences which later came to dominate Buffet’s work. The result is a cohesive whole that always seems to be organized in a direction. Thus the voices he creates are used as instruments rather than as ends in themselves, and the individual tracks reveal steady development rather than dynamic fixation on a simple series of minimal changes. The effect is extremely listenable on both visceral and intellectual levels.

I can’t point to any track as a favorite. Quality is evenly distributed, and some themes seem to persist across the album that makes me believe that Buffet saw this album as a conceptual whole rather than a collection of ‘pieces.’ As a listener you will find yourself drawn into the music and then eased along as it displays its depths. Very different from contemporary Ray Lynch, but equally interesting.  For Hector =_).

01. Empire Builder
02. The Waiting
03. Why
04. Aberdeen
05. Generation Prelude
06. Generation
07. New West
08. One More Time
09. Big Sky


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2 responses

24 04 2009

Thank you very much.. You have no idea of how much I have been looking for these records… I do appreciate your time, effort and kindness in sharing this great music… Best regards from Costa Rica…

24 04 2009

Yay!!! Was beginning to think you weren’t coming back =-(. Hope these albums make your day. I know it sure made me smile when I found them =-).

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