Steven Halpern – Effortless Relaxation

22 04 2009

steven-halpern-effortless-relaxation-fSteven Halpern – Effortless Relaxation
MP3 @ 192 Kbps | 51:30 min | 1994 | 79.8 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Health experts, including headache and Migraine specialists, agree that relaxation is essential to good health. For those of us with head pain disorders, it’s easy to get caught up in addressing those problems and not pay much attention to our general health. A good relaxation program addresses our general health as well as some head pain disorders.

This CD (also available in cassette) has some of the most beautiful and soothing music I have experienced. The original music included on the CD was composed by Stephen Halpern, Ph.D., an educator, composer, author, and recording artist of international acclaim.

In addition to the original music, this CD contains subliminal affirmations. They are unheard by the ear, but processed by the brain. The affirmations include:

“You are calm, peaceful and relaxed.”
“Your breathing is deep and regular.”
“You choose to create for yourself a lifestyle that nurtures and supports your well-being.”
If you’re looking for a good relaxation CD or tape, this one is definitely one to check out. Very professionally done with quality music, worthwhile affirmations, and an excellent sound quality, “Effortless Relaxation” is well worth the investment in both time and dollars.

01 – Pachelbel’s Canon (In D Major)
02 – 48 Hours
03 – Dawn
04 – Crystal Suite
05 – Comfort Zone, Pt. 1
06 – Comfort Zone, Pt. 2
07 – In The Flow
08 – Hush
09 – Eventide


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2 responses

23 04 2009

Thank you very much!

23 04 2009

You’re very welcome! Hope this album brings you much relaxation =-).

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