Steven Halpern & Georgia Kelly – Ancient Echoes

22 04 2009

7783-ancient-echoespdf_01Steven Halpern & Georgia Kelly – Ancient Echoes
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 49:19 min | 1993 | 98.3 MB | 10% Recovery Record

This collaboration between healing-music artist Steven Halpern and harpist Georgia Kelly is a pleasant exercise in aimless musings that relax the soul and clear the mind. Halpern, long recognized for his educational work with New Age music, brings a starry Rhodes electric piano and synth to Kelly’s swirling, gentle harp as the two try to recreate the ancient ritual of spiritual healing through music. While Halpern’s electric piano may be a bit too drippy-dreamy, his synth is expansive and forms a soulful background for Kelly’s plucking. “The Oracle at Delphi” stands out for its droning effect and hint of Muslim chant while “From Eleusis” attracts with a melodious flute sound. Halpern and Kelly create a relaxed atmosphere that, in the hands of these two experienced New Age artists, is enchanting.  Special thanks to Lady Jane Wensleydale.  She is the one that provided this wonderful album.

01 – Ancient Echoes
02 – Apollo’s Lyre
03 – From Eleusis
04 – Sphinx Synergy
05 – Sand Dance
06 – Dharma Duet (Pt. 1)
07 – Dharma Duet (Pt. 2)
08 – Crotona
09 – Ode for Orpheus
10 – Pythagoras
11 – The Oracle at Delphi


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2 responses

23 04 2009

Many thanks, I just got here and am enjoying your wonderful music!
Be Blessed!

23 04 2009

Welcome! Thank you very much for visiting! Thank you very much for the kind thoughts, hope the music you find here brings a bit more joy to your life.

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