QuietMelodies is now open!

15 06 2009


As many of you might already know, the new portal is finally open!!!!!  I am so sorry that it has taken so long to happen, but I do hope you find it worth the wait.  Some of the new features you will be able to enjoy are being able to message any member & being able to post your own favorites.  There will also be a forum added so that requests and such can be made there.  Eventually hope to in essence mirror this blog there and of course have new content available.  The new music available should be substantially more than here as there will be multiple people posting =-).  Please stop by and join your NEW home for QuietMusic – www.quietmelodies.com!

Ron Korb – Japanese Mysteries

3 04 2009

cover320Ron Korb – Japanese Mysteries
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 59:28 min | 1993 | 143 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Recorded in Tokyo and Osaka Japan, this album is the result of Ron’s extensive studies of Japanese music in which he unveils the mysteries of this fascinating culture. This CD features two tracks with traditional Japanese music (Heavenly Music and Winter Night) and 6 original Ron Korb Japanese music compositions. Each track is about a unique aspect of Japanese history or folklore that is described in the CD liner notes. Traditional Japanese instruments like the koto, shakuhachi, shinobue, ryuteki, and shamisen are blended beautifully with western keyboards and acoustic instruments.

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Ron Korb – Celtic Heartland

3 04 2009

cdRon Korb – Celtic Heartland
MP3 @ 256 Kbps | 52:32 min | 2000 | 106 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Celtic Heartland, which contains thirteen new pieces written by Ron Korb in the Celtic style, is a magical blend of mystic landscapes and Celtic tradition. Beautifully recorded at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios in England this album includes Hugh Marsh (violin), Brian Hughes (guitar, oud), Donald Quan (keyboards), Rick Shadrach Lazar (percussion), Caroline Lavelle (cello) and Steafan Hannigan (uillean pipes, bodhran). Also included are Irish Fiddle player Teresa Heanue formerly from the touring group of Riverdance and Lord of the Dance and Steve Lucas who is currently touring with Bruce Cockburn.

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Ron Korb – Celtic Quest

3 04 2009

celtic_quest1Ron Korb – Celtic Quest
MP3 @ 192 Kbps | 56:35 min | 1996 | 83 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Tapestries: Celtic Quest represents a rich texture of various instruments including the guitar, piano, Celtic harp, and bass as well as the myriad of flutes that Korb plays (e.g. the bass flute, Uilleann pipes, low whistle, silver flute, ivory flute and penny whistle). About half are Ron’s own compositions and half are traditional tunes. This magnificent collection of traditional and original Celtic music tracks is beautifully arranged by Ron Korb.

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Ron Korb – Flute Traveller

3 04 2009

fluteRon Korb – Flute Traveller
MP3 @ 192 Kbps | 52:01 min | 1994 | 79.1 MB | 10% Recovery Record

This musical journey across 5 continents is an extraordinary masterpiece of solo improvisations. Featuring fifteen flutes from around the globe, it is MUST for any collector. For pictures and descriptions of the instruments used on this CD, view our instrument collection.

This CD works as a beautiful companion for Tai Chi, Yoga, Reiki, Shiatsu massage, guided imagery, visualization and accelerated learning programmes.

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Ron Korb – Taming The Dragon

10 03 2009

cover3Ron Korb – Taming The Dragon
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 53:42 min | 2003 | 118 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Taming the Dragon blends Ron Korb’s soulful flute playing with textures and rhythms from Japan, Africa, and the Middle East. Music from the dance collaborations, “Sentier Inconnu” with Iroquois choreographer Gaetan Gingras, and “Kojiki” with Indo-Japanese dancer Shakti are featured. Also included is music from the film “Just a Little Red Dot…” as well as some selections of Ron’s music recorded live in Japan. (By Request)

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